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As a licensed, regulated online clinic specializing in the transformative therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis, we focus on treating mental health disorders.

Each day, our doctors encounter patients struggling with mental health issues who have found traditional medications to be often ineffective and frequently accompanied by burdensome side effects.

At Treat It, we don’t just help our patients get by; we believe in empowering them to thrive. Accepting limited relief or managing side effects is not in our philosophy.

We advocate the clinically proven benefits of medical cannabis for mental health treatment.


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Can Medical Cannabis Really Treat Mental Health Disorders?

Absolutely. Medical cannabis has been shown to aid in reducing anxiety, alleviating depression, stabilizing mood swings, and enhancing overall emotional well-being. It works by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system to restore balance and promote mental health.

The specific treatment plan our specialist team of doctors prescribes depends on the type and severity of your mental health condition. Our expert mental health professionals also utilize the NICE (National Institute for Health & Care Excellence) guidelines for mental health to determine the most effective treatment and management strategies.

Rest assured, our medical experts are experienced and licensed to tailor the right THC/CBD blend and dosage for your specific symptoms and preferences. Our goal is to provide a prescription that offers rapid relief from mental health symptoms, enabling you to live your life without the adverse side effects associated with traditional psychiatric medications.

Is Anyone Eligible For Medical Cannabis?

Following the legalisation of cannabis for medical purposes in 2018, regulated medicinal cannabis, prescribed by a licenced specialist doctor, is an entirely legitimate, safe and effective treatment option for the relief of chronic joint pain.

There are some eligibility criteria, however. You must be over the age of 21, have no history of certain mental health disorders, and have proof of trying two previously prescribed treatments. If you match all three, you are eligible.

How Soon Can We Treat It?

How does today sound?

Our doctors are available from 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday, with appointments usually available within hours.

And if eligible – following a short questionnaire – our doctors can approve your treatment prescription within just 24 to 48 hours.

Appointments are available here.

Don’t Want To Treat It With Botanical Medicines?

That’s okay.

Our GPs are still available to you to discuss your health issues and provide advice on further options that may work for your pain.

Treating It With Additional Support

We know neck pain can be a tough, uncompromising experience.

Understanding it better as well as getting wider support can help to manage it and cope with its day-to-day challenges.

Here are some resources we feel may be helpful.