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Explore our range of cost-effective plans tailored to meet your health needs. At Treat It Clinic, we are committed to providing an accessible and affordable medical cannabis service to enhance your well-being.


Transferring to Treat It Clinic

Get 50 % Off your Initial Consultation

Patients transferring from another clinic can receive 50% off their first appointment for free by providing a copy of their discharge letter.

At Treat it Clinic you will find


Appointment Timeline

Experience seamless and efficient care with our structured appointment timeline. Our goal is to provide consistent support and personalised treatment plans to ensure your health and well-being.


Care Expenses

Calculate Medication Cost

The cost of treatment varies based on individual needs. However, to help patients estimate their monthly care expenses, we have calculated the average cost across all conditions and formulations.



Indicative Prices. Price Varies based on actual treatment options.

10g from £55
Available in 10g, 15g, 20g & 30g


Indicative Prices. Price Varies based on actual treatment options.

30ml from £80
Available in 30ml, 50ml


Indicative Prices. Price Varies based on actual treatment options.

0.5ml from £44.99
Available in 0.5ml


Treat-It Pricing Scheme

Treat It Clinic’s new pricing model lets patients customise their treatment journey,
providing more affordable options to lower overall lifetime costs.

30-minute online appointment




Admin fee for each repeat prescription*



Follow Up Consultation

15-minute online check for every six months




Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Our FAQ section covers all you need to know about Medical Cannabis pricing, helping you make informed decisions with ease.

Can I switch to the Treat It Clinic from another clinic if I am in the process of receiving my medication?

Yes, you can switch to Treat It Clinic no matter the stage you are at with your current clinic. Simply obtain a discharge letter from your current clinic and apply for a free consultation through our website.

What is Treat it Clinics cancellation policy?

We understand that circumstances can change, but please note that the consultation fee will be charged if you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment

How do I begin treatment?

Begin by scheduling an appointment. You’ll need to complete a short eligibility questionnaire and authorise our access to your NHS Summary Care Record. Together with you, your doctor will review your medical history and assess your suitability for treatment. Afterwards, your case will be submitted to a specialised medical team for further review and assessment. If approved, we will issue your prescription for your approval. The process normally takes between 2-5 days.

What are the costs for medication, repeat prescriptions, and follow-up consultations?

The cost of medication varies based on individual needs and prescriptions, ranging from £45 to over £1,000, with an average monthly cost of around £350. A repeat prescription costs £9.99 if no changes are needed. If changes to the prescription are required, a follow-up consultation will cost £49.99.

Will I be able to reorder my prescription?​

Yes. You may request a renewed prescription by signing in to your account and clicking on reorder prescription. In most cases, you will not need to book a new appointment, but you will need to follow up with your doctor at least once every six months.

Don't you find an answer for your problem yet?

If you haven’t found an answer to your problem, please contact our support team at or call us at 0247 745 0733. We’re here to help!


Learn More About Medical Cannabis Pricing

Get detailed insights on the costs associated with medical cannabis, from consultation fees to prescription pricing. Understand how to budget for your treatments and explore financial assistance options.





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